Thursday, September 30, 2010

Personal Learning Networks Are Virtual Lockers for Schoolkids

This article talks about how personal learning networks are like virtual lockers for schoolkids. This new way of organization is so unique and truely is like a whole new world. Students are kearning more and more everyday about the internet and it really is increasing their knowledge. Creating your PLN is an easier way to help you with papers you may have to write or honestly any assignment that you get from your teachers.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

President Barack Obama says he listens to the Rolling Stones, Miles Davis, and... Lil Wayne in Rolling Stone interview

President Barack Obama says he listens to the Rolling Stones, Miles Davis, and... Lil Wayne in Rolling Stone interview

Obama was asked what type of music would be found on his ipd. He says says that his ipod has alot of his childhood music on it such as Stevie Wonder and Bob Dylan. But he also included that his rap "palate" has greatly improved. He is now listening to a little bit of Lil Wayne and some Jay-Z. Many people found this to be shocking, including myself. This story just goes to show that you really can't jugde a book by its cover. It's pretty nice that we now have a president that is up to date with the electronics and such that people are using day by day.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010


By using communication websites such as twitter, facebook, and blogger, i can now create my PLN. When using these sites, i am allowed to talk and interact with others that i may know or not know. Even if i have yet to met them i can talk with them and share common interests and ideas.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Facebook video clip

Watching this video clip tonight really got me thinking. One of the most important things that i learned from watching this is that everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Whether or not we as a class think that facebook isn't only just a social networking system, others may not seem to think the same. People don't really know facebook can change your life, not only for the worse but also for the better. Just like how today in class, Angela Maiers told us how facebook got somebody a great job just by having those connections. One of the things that i actually agree with in this clip is that fourth graders that are using the internet for things other than school is beyond belief. The kids that are young aren't educated enough in that department. Yes, the internet is like a brand new world full of exciting new things, but the children dont understand the danger that comes with using the internet. Browsing the web is almost like a skill that you learn and get better and better with practice which takes time and knowledge. So yes, maybe young children shouldn't be on facebook by themselves, but what ift they had a little supervision? Wouldn't that be alright? These kids see everyone else sufing the web and it's just natural for them to be curious so of course they're going to want to get involved, so why stop them?

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

140 conference

Loved and enjoyed listening to this conference. Definitely showed me how to have my voice be heard. Thanks.

Monday, September 13, 2010